The Patient Is The Prescription

LightForce introduces a revolutionary approach to fixed-appliance treatment. Bringing digital precision to bracket-based treatment, LightForce generates a 100% customized prescription for each patient.

Each bracket is created from the base up, individually designed and fabricated based on each patient’s anatomy, tooth morphology and treatment goals. It’s then printed in a proprietary polycrystalline material and shipped to you in just 7 to 10 business days.

LightForce brings the full power of the digital process into fixed appliances. The digitally customized prescription can improve precision, predictability and clinical outcomes. Plus, by creating a biomechanically precise prescription for each patient, LightForce can eliminate treatment inefficiencies such as round tripping and repositioning. This can help control overhead and incidental expenses all while delivering an exceptional and predictable patient experience.


The orthodontist has complete freedom of bracket positioning as a result of a 100% customized base. In the example shown below, a bracket can be bonded towards the mesial or distal surface of a tooth and retain the intended straight-wire programing and prescription, with an exact and stable fit.

The system dynamically adjusts the bracket programming as the final position is realized.


  • Maintain complete control of all aspects of treatment
  • Simple and intuitive on-line interface is designed for fast and efficient treatment planning
  • Cloud-based review and approval from virtually anywhere


  • Patient specific programming eliminates the inefficiencies inherent in generic prescriptions
  • 100% mechanical base with under-loc™ system for superior retention
  • Each bracket is individually printed to provide a precise anatomical match to any tooth morphology
  • Chamfered slot wall designed to prevent archwire binding, notching or crimping
  • Parallel precision of slot walls that eliminates divergence and dimensional variability
  • Breakaway base designed to fold with moderate mesial distal pressure for reliable debonding
  • Real-time case planning software gives you control over virtually every aspect of treatment
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