Mobile Privacy Policy

Information Collected

Face Map Data

Lightforce apps allow you to upload and submit 3D face models, images, and related content for patients. All such data uploaded by you is referred to in this Policy as "Face Map Data."

When using Lightforce apps, we offer the ability to store Face Map Data via the Bellus3D Cloud service. This is optional. When you save a 3D face model we store the model and one or more still photos which will be used as thumbnails to facilitate browsing of the model.

Patient Data

Lightforce apps allow you to add and edit basic Patient information, such as First Name, Last Name, and Date of Birth. All such data provided by you is referred to in this Policy as "Patient Data".

Patient data is saved and stored securely by Lightforce.

Authorized Third Parties

No data is shared with third parties outside of the Face Map Data specified above.

Data Use

We use Patient Data and Face Map Data to assist doctors in providing treatment recommendations (referred to as the "LightPlan"). This recommendation is provided outside of the mobile app. Only approved doctors and treatment coordinators have access to this information.

Data Retention and Destruction

We store Face Map Data and Patient Data while providing our services to you. Immediately after a doctor or treatment coordinator archives or removes a patient from our systems, LightForce services are terminated, or following a period of six years of inactivity, associated Face Map Data and Patient Data is securely destroyed.