New Year Product Launch 2024

When Dr. Alfred Griffin founded LightForce, he made a commitment to disruptive innovation that would revolutionize personalized care for doctors and patients.

LightForce’s fully personalized fixed appliances and cutting-edge treatment planning software have redefined industry standards, built for orthodontists by orthodontists. Our unique approach involves listening to our customers, ensuring their insights fuel the evolution of LightForce’s one-of-a-kind personalized orthodontic system.

This new year product launch exemplifies our dedication to rapid product innovation, a direct result of collaboration with our community of orthodontists. These new innovations aim to bring greater predictability, increased efficiency to your practice, with a focus on satisfaction of your staff and patients.

Digital Planning

CBCT Integration

We have integrated cone-beam computed tomography data (CBCT) into our LightPlan software to give doctors even greater control and predictability when creating their digital treatment plan. This integration will now include root data within the LightPlan software, minimizing the need for repositions and wire bends throughout the course of treatment due to greater predictability at the start of treatment.

Benefits include:

  • Easily upload 3D CBCT data to your LightPlan, add files to patient records, and have one single location for all radiographs.

  • Better predict tooth movement with roots visible at both initial and final view and animations to show root movement.

  • Get greater control with the addition of root angle movement.

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Bonding Workflows

Bonding Visit

LightForce Bonding Visit provides doctors with more insight into the bonding appointment, allowing clinical assistants to have more ownership over the bonding process.*

Bonding Visit features include:

Doctor Benefits:

  • Bonding day instructions and notes
    • Doctors can provide instructions directly in the LightPlan, which are then shared with the team in the bonding visit. This helps save time and the need to meet with staff to review instructions on each bonding, as well as provide additional opportunities to communicate treatment needs at bonding.

Staff Benefits:

    • Quickly place reorders
      • Seamlessly place reorders directly from the bonding visit, helping to save time and avoid having to fill out a separate reorder form.

    • Kickoff documentation
      • Simply copy and paste the bonding day notes and paste them in your practice management software.

    • Provide feedback
      • Rate how each bonding went and provide direct feedback to LightForce to help improve your LightForce bonding experiences in the future.

Our goal with Bonding Visit is to streamline the communication between doctors and the clinical team to give you and your patients time back.

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Updated Packaging

As a result of the direct feedback from our community of orthodontists and clinical staff we have updated our patient packaging. The new packaging creates a more streamlined bonding experience and features new IDB well labeling, larger spaces for IDB trays, and can help doctors condense inventory for more storage.

We have also created a new UV LightShield, designed to help limit UV exposure when performing the patient bonding with pasted brackets. The new UV LightShield includes labels so that clinical assistants can clearly see the brackets and IDBs in the patient case.

These packaging updates will help save time and increase staff and patient satisfaction during the bonding.

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Bracket Enhancements

At LightForce, we innovate hardware at the speed of software and new bracket innovations were developed based on customer feedback and data gathered directly from our community.

These updates include things like comfort hooks focused on patient satisfaction and experience, as well as other bracket enhancements.

To learn more about these bracket enhancements and all of the other new product releases, register now for our upcoming webinar on March 7, 2024 at 8pm EST. You’ll hear from our CEO and founder Dr. Alfred Griffin, Head of Clinical Affairs Dr. Chris Bonebreak Jackson, and LightForce user Dr. Bryan Lockhart about how LightForce innovation is creating the new standard of care.

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*Based on data published by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics

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