LF 2.0: The New
Standard of Care

The completely custom braces experience. With the introduction of Custom Buccal Tubes, Mixed Dentition, and Staged Treatment Support, you can now treat all of your braces cases with LightForce.


The world's first fully custom, ceramic, white buccal tube for first and second molars. These new custom tubes function like all other LightForce brackets and provide the value of a custom base, an increased range of rotation, and complete the custom bracket system.

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Mixed dentition and staged treatment support offers the ability to submit an additional scan to treat teeth not planned in the original treatment (e.g., surgical case, impacted or unerupted teeth).

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The Bolton Analysis measures the proportional difference in size between the maxillary and mandibular teeth and identifies tooth size discrepancies that would prevent proper inter-arch relationships from being established. Identifying a tooth size discrepancy in the LightPlan will help orthodontists optimize the treatment plan for predictable esthetics and function.

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What the Orthodontists Have to Say


“My first impression is that having a full indirectly bonded case is a total game changer! This is an industry first and is very impressive."

-Dr. Alexander Waldman
Waldman Orthodontics, Beverly Hills, California


"This way we can start with the upper arch and we can add the lower arch once we have clearance we need to avoid bite turbos... there really is a lot to get excited about when we are looking at LightForce 2.0"

-Dr. Lisa Alvetro
Alvetro Orthodontics, Sidney and Tipp City, Ohio


“These measurements are vital to attaining an excellent setup and to create stability in retention long term.”

-Dr. Dan Stuart
The Brace Space, Nova Scotia, Canada

Marketing Vault

The Marketing Vault was created as a resource for our partners, to provide branded resources for practices to use. Within the vault we have our logos, photos of our products, and marketing videos. Sections of the Marketing Vault have been updated with updated LF 2.0 social assets, product shots, and new branding assets.

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Jam Out With Us

Join in on the LF 2.0 celebrations with this family-friendly playlist curated by celebrity DJ Hesta Prynn. 


LightForce Orthodontics custom orthodontic treatment mold

LightForce Orthodontics Secures $50 Million Series C Funding Led By Kleiner Perkins

Published 2 Nov, 2021

Investment fuels further development of 3D printing technology to create custom orthodontic treatments for every patient.

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Broken brackets image

Save Time and Increase Efficiency with LightForce’s Custom Rebond IDB Trays

Published 14 Oct, 2021

Picture this: You've just gotten home from a long day at the practice when you get a call that a patient's bracket has broken off. What do you do? With LightForce, a break doesn't have to derail your day. Our custom-built, easy-to-use rebond IDB trays enable orthodontists to delegate rebonding to staff while ensuring that brackets are attached precisely every time.

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Dr. Alfred and Dr. Chris talking about LightForce

Illuminate Podcast: Dr. Alfred Griffin and Dr. Chris Cetta Talk All Things LightForce

Published 27 May, 2021

In a recent episode of the Illuminate Orthodontics podcast, LightForce’s CEO Alfred Griffin sat down with Dr. Chris Cetta. Over a couple of Manhattans, they discuss how Dr. Griffin became interested in orthodontics, the birth of LightForce, and some of the biggest challenges and growth moments the company has experienced over the past year.

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