Introducing Face Map

3D scanning and mobile camera technology enable a new world of digital treatment never before possible

As a part of the LightPlan software, Face Map allows you to scan your patient's smile using just a smartphone and seamlessly integrate it into your treatment plan.

    Facilitate better treatment outcomes by taking into account the Smile Arc

    Differentiate your practice through forward thinking software and technology

    As seen in Orthodontic Practice US

    "I’ve been amazed at how popular this 3D-scanning feature has been with patients. The act of scanning their face and explaining how it will improve their treatment really resonates and helps differentiate our practice. When we show patients their actual face on a LightPlan, it becomes very clear these braces and our treatment plan are only for them." -Dr. Maz Moshiri

    Dr. Maz Moshiri DMD, MS, FICD, Top LightForce Provider

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