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LightForce x AAO 2021

Announcements from the fastest growing company in orthodontics

Featured in AAO's Annual Session

A Data Driven Look at the Fully Custom, 3D Printed Bracket System

Saturday, June 26th 
3:10-3:40pm EDT

The standard of care in medicine and dentistry are changing at the pace of modern innovation. How much of our chair time and our patient’s burden of care is a function of using a bracket not meant for them, manufactured by old technology? Dr. Griffin will share how 3D printing technology and a fresh take on orthodontic planning software combine to yield a fully custom, high precision appliance. By improving the inherent limitations of stock appliances, treatment goals can be more efficient, accurate and predictable with digital planning and true customization.

Transforming Orthodontic Practice with LightForce 3D Printed Braces

Friday, June 25th
10:05-11:05am EDT

Bracket treatment has finally caught up to the digital age. Say goodbye to your analog workflow and join the revolution of completely custom treatment. Join Dr. Alexander Waldman as he discusses how using LightForce’s 3D printed, customized brackets and treatment planning software have transformed his practice. He’ll focus on four key areas: digital workflow, treatment planning, clinical management, and practice efficiency. Dr. Waldman will also demonstrate how LightForce can help with complex cases, the benefits of LightForce’s IDB trays, and more.

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Product Announcements

The Light Bracket

After five years of research and development, we're excited to introduce our translucent bracket.

  • Appeal to a broader range of patients, including adults
  • The exact same features and benefits as the Cloud Bracket
  • Produced and manufactured in the United States
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Face Map Technology

Face Map allows orthodontists to use their phone or tablet to scan a 3D model of their patients face, which gets stitched to their intraoral scan, and then the doctor can use that extra diagnostic information to treatment plan for the most precise esthetic outcome from all facial angles.


  • Facilitate better treatment outcomes by taking into account the Smile Arc
  • Differentiate your practice through forward thinking software and technology
  • Easily scan your patient using a smartphone or tablet
  • Integrates seamlessly into your LightPlan
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Our First Annual In-Person User Conference

On June 24th and 25th we're mixing industry experts, rising ortho stars, and the team behind the fastest growing company in the speciality.

Get a rare, inside look at the new LightForce HQ, tips & tricks to master LightForce, peer to peer workshops, the industry’s first Hackathon, local artisanal food and drinks, parties, and more.

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LightForce Making the News

Dr. Maz Moshiri's LightForce experience.

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